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Visitor Attractions

HMY Britannia


We assisted in the preparation of the bid to locate the Royal Yacht at Manchester as a visitor attraction by preparing estimates of market demand and future earnings.


The bid, in competition with 10 other cities came second after Leith.

Chorley Borough Council

We analysed the potential for a visitor centre celebrating the heritage of Miles Standish, one of the Pilgrim Fathers whose ancestral home, Duxbury Hall, is located in the borough.

The Looping Group: for Chequers Capital

We advised potential purchasers of this operator of theme parks, water parks, zoos and aquaria spread across several north European countries on the validity 

of the sales documentation and information memorandum.  

Bodmin Jail


We assisted with an initial assessment of the viability of a proposed investment to extend and improve the visitor experience at this tourist attraction.

Other Clients and Projects include:

World Challenge Expeditions

Escot House and Gardens

Knebworth Estate

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